Pruning Shears Makes Clean Cuts Professional Sharp Secateurs Great Hands Hand Pruner Garden Shears Clippers M L Size Model S3A (Bypass Classic)

About The Product:

Pruning Shears Makes Clean Cuts Professional Sharp Secateurs Great Hands Hand Pruner Garden Shears Clippers M L Size Model S3A (Bypass Classic)

S3 Pruner - High Performance & Classic Model

  • Bypass blade with a sap groove
  • A hardened bolt and nut to assure exact adjustment of both the cutting blades
  • Rubber cushion and shock absorber
  • Ideal pruner for light applications and easily adjustable
  • Features strong blades with a wire cutting notch
  • Lightweight metal handles
  • Blades are made of high-quality hardened steel with chrome plating
  • Cuts up to 1-inch diameter
  • 8.5-inch total length
    cutting branch

    Bypass Blade

    ​The blades feature a notch that allows for the cutting of small wires without damaging the cutting edge.

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  • BYPASS PRUNING SHEARS - CLASSIC DESIGN. Enjoy a performance tool with razor sharp cutting power and increased blade durability. Great for pruning bushes, roses, vines, dead limbs and green wood. Join the ranks of the gardening greats: treat yourself to a well-crafted, sturdy and dependable gardening tool. Don't forget to check out the TABOR TOOLS compatible H1 holster.
  • SHARP BLADE WITH CHROME COATING. Chromium metal, like titanium, is highly valuable due to its high corrosion resistance and hardness. The protective chromium coating decreases friction of trimmer which makes for smooth cutting. With this Japanese grade steel blade you’ll power effortlessly through 3/4" diameter thick branches with a quick chop. Will Cut Through ½” - ¾” -1” inch diameter size branches depending on the wood species.
  • SAP GROOVE AND WIRE CUTTING NOTCH. The sap groove prevents blade sticking by channeling off sap and debris after each snip. The wire cutting notch allows for small wire cutting without damage to the blade edge. The adjustment knob allows for aligning the cutting blade of the pruner for extra cutting precision.
  • ERGONOMICAL SHOCK ABSORBING SYSTEM. The cushion and embedded spring soften the impact of the cut, protecting your hand and wrist. This is a great tool for every gardener, including seniors with weaker hands or arthritis. The MICROMETRIC ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM allows manual alignment of the cutting blade for optimal precise clean cuts - smooth effortless cutting actions make an easy chore of trimming rose stems, floral stems, plants, ornamental flowers. Cut bushes and vines without much effort!
  • ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE. Customer satisfaction and service quality are the basic criteria for TABOR TOOLS. Good service is a result of flexibility, reliability and trustworthiness. We will fix any problem quickly and answer to your need every time.