Professional Photography Crystal Ball K9 Crystal Glass Ball Pouch (60mm + 80mm with Stand)

About The Product: 

Professional Photography Crystal Ball K9 Crystal Glass Ball Pouch (60mm + 80mm with Stand)​

60mm crystal ball VS 80mm crystal ball
The 60mm crystal ball is lighter and more convenient, and is more suitable for photographers to carry on long-distance travel.
The 80mm crystal ball presents a larger picture and is suitable for everyday short-distance shooting.
Used as an acrobatic show, 60mm is more suitable for beginners, 80mm is more suitable for advanced players and performances.

MerryNine Professional Photography Crystal Ball, K9 Crystal Glass Ball with Pouch (60mm + 80mm, with Stand)

Why do we choose a crystal ball made of K9?
✔K9 crystal is one of the highest quality Optical Glass. The material of K9 is more Transparent than other materials, and it is not easy to have impurities.

How to shoot with MerryNine's crystal ball?
☀The focus should be on the crystal ball to make the Scene in the crystal ball clear.
☀Use a large aperture, background blur, blur.
☀The crystal ball such as a convex lens, can compress a wide scene and display it as a fisheye or a macro to enlarge The object.
☀When you find that the fingerprint on the crystal ball is not clear, use our special scrubbing cloth to shoot with water.
☀After the photography is finished, you can put the wipe cloth and crystal ball Together in our gift storage pouch to protect your crystal ball.
☺Hold your crystal ball,get the most out of your photography!

Crystal Ball Size (MM): 60+80
Crystal Stand Size (MM): 30+35
♬Suitable for:
Decorations for house, office, restaurant, party, banquet, stores or any other occasions; Props for photography

✉ Package Includes:
2 X Crystal Ball
2 X Crystal Stand(GIFT)
2 XA Special Wiper(GIFT)
2 X Crystal Ball Pouch (GIFT)

▲Note: Please avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The clear crystal ball will act like a magnifying glass And will start a fire.

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  • CLEAREST CRYSTAL BALL - Our crystal ball is made from the industry's clearest k9 material, no bubbles, distortions, color or inclusions with quality guarantee.
  • BEST COMBINATION OF PHOTOGRAPHY - We present a professional wiper cloth and a flannel storage bag. When you feel your crystal ball is covered with fingerprints or gray layers, you can use our wiper cloth to wipe. When you have finished shooting, put the crystal ball into the flannel storage bag, don't worry about scratching the crystal ball in other items in your bag.
  • FLAWLESS QUALITY - Our crystal ball will be fully inspected before shipment, ensuring that the ball in the hands of every consumer is not flawed.
  • POWERFUL PURIFY FUNCTION - The clear crystal is bilieved to clear your mind and absorb sunshine and moonlight to enhance the divination ability.Luxuriant clear crystal centerpiece or collection may add brightness and harmony to your life space or studio.
  • SIZE - 80mm+60mm, 2Pack crystal ball Gift - crystal ball bracket, professional mirror cloth, crystal ball storage velvet bag.