Electric Oil Pump Scavenge Suction Transfer Change Pump 12V Motor Oil Diesel Extractor

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Electric Oil Pump Scavenge Suction Transfer Change Pump 12V Motor Oil Diesel Extractor
The oil-extractor is the ideal equipment for quick and clean ail changes. The oil extractor works by connecting the clamps to the 12V car battery. The oil is simply drawn out the motor through the oil dipstick bore. Please use the extractor exclusively for motor, diesel or heating oil.
6mm external diameter
The connections on the pump are built for hoses of 10mm internal diameter.The external diameter of the suction-probe is 6mm. Therefore the pump can only be used for oil change if the inner diameter of the dipstick tube is bigger than 6mm. The oil-extractor is suitable to pump engine, diesel and heating oil.
Simple operation
Easy to operate.
Powered by electricity, with higher efficiency.
Made of non-toxic materials, corrosion resistant and durable.
Mini size, won't occupy much space. Easy to carry.

Only pump warm motor-oil (40℃-50℃) do not pump off motor-oil, as long as the motor is running.
The extractor is not suitable for extracting:
1. Water (no lubrication of the pump)
2. Gearbox-oil (too viscous)
3. Easy inflammable liquids (fuel,petrol,etc.)


Type: Oil Extractor Pump
Material: Plastic
Quantity: 1pc
Item Color: As shown
Motor: 12V D.C.
Power Draw: Approx.5A
Sound Pressure Level: 70 dB(A)
Vibration: <2, 5m/s2
Max Flow Rate:
Diesel: Approx.1.1 gal./min.
Motor Oil(100°-125°F): Approx.0.8 gal./min.
Item Size: 14.1*8.3*13cm / 5.6*3.3*5” (L*W*H)
Suction Probe Diameter: 0.6cm / 0.3”
Inlet Hose Size: 1.2m/3.94ft (L) 4mm/ 0.16"(ID) 6mm/0.24"(OD)
Outlet Hose Size: 1.5m/4.92ft (L) 10mm/0.39"(ID) 12mm/0.47"(OD)
Cord length: 2m/6.56ft
Net Weight: 1.054kg / 37.2oz