Perfect Pocket Square Holder Perfect Fashion

Pocket Square NOT included. There are NO metal clasps to provide tension- the depth of the pocket will hold the pocket square in place. Metal Clasps can cause ripping on the suit pocket. The Perfect Pocket Square Holder should used by all fashionable men. Upgrade your style with this high quality, light weight, durable leather product that will HOLD THE FOLD of handkerchiefs and pocket squares inside the pocket of a sport coat, vest, or suit.

  • Made with High Quality Leather- This leather material is smooth to the touch and will not in any way scratch or harm your suit
  • Fits in most pockets perfectly- Although every breast pocket is different, the size and shape of this pocket square holder seems to fit pretty universally
  • Credit Card/ Cash Holder- There is an extra pocket in the pocket square holder to hold a Credit Card or Cash so that you can be prepared in any situation
  • The Most Stylish Option- There are other pocket square holders but we believe this is the most stylish and is made out the nicest and best materials