394801-1003 PowerGear2 Bypass Lopper, 32 Inch, Black/Orange


About The Product: 

394801-1003 PowerGear2 Bypass Lopper, 32 Inch, Black/Orange​

PowerGear2 Tools

Patented gear technology maximizes leverage where you need it most

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Advanced Mechanics

Patented gear technology gives you 3X more power on every cut, and our cam mechanism focuses your power where the branch is thickest.

Advanced Blade Design

Fiskars premium steel blades are finished with a rust-resistant, low-friction coating, and improved blade geometry makes cutting in tight spaces easy.

Advanced Comfort and Control

Longer handles offer versatile use, oval-shaped grips improve comfort, and strategically placed Softgrip touchpoints help prevent blisters.

Size:32 Inch

The first time you try Fiskars PowerGear2 Lopper, you’ll be amazed — but it’s not magic, it’s gears. Fiskars patented-pending technology multiplies your leverage to give you up to 3X more power on every cut. This means you can power through thick branches that you wouldn’t be able to cut with traditional loppers. Fiskars updated design includes modified gears and an innovative cam mechanism to optimize your cutting power in the middle of the cut where the branch is thickest and you need it most. The result is that every cut is even easier than our original PowerGear cutting tools.

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  • Power through branches up to 2 inch thick with a lopper featuring patented PowerGear technology that gives you up to 3X more power on every cut
  • Patented design with modified gears and cam mechanism optimizes your cutting power through the middle of the branch, the toughest part of the cut
  • Fully hardened bypass-style steel blade includes a low-friction coating for smooth cutting, less gumming and rust resistance
  • Rounded ergonomic handles with Softgrip touchpoints enhance comfort and control
  • Maximum cutting capacity - 2 inches diameter.