Your Go-To Guide to Buying the Best Travel Backpacks Online on a Budget

Going with the right travel backpack is crucial for planning your trip.

If it’s too big, you’ll have to haul extra weight around. Worst of all, backpacks that are too big may not meet an airplane’s hand-luggage standards. Yikes! Likewise, if the travel backpack is too small, it may not fit everything inside it. That means going with a small backpack means you may have to cut short what you’re going to take with you on your hike. To top it all off, if you pick a backpack made of the wrong material, all your stuff will get soaked.

Now, you know there are so many backpacks available that it can get intimidating to pick the best one. In this explainer post, we’re going to dive deep into the top tips that you have to keep in mind to lay your hands on quality backpacks. Besides sharing the tips, we’re going to drop one pro tip to buy these backpacks when you’re on a tight budget.

Let’s get started.

Tip #1: Using water-resistant material

It may not be necessary to have a backpack that’s 100 percent waterproof unless you’re planning a multi-day hike in a lowland equatorial rain forest. Nonetheless, you have to be doubly sure that the backpack is made using semi-waterproof material so that the stuff inside it won’t get wet in drizzle. Despite being made from semi-waterproof material, the bag should be lightweight.

Tip #2: Including multiple compartments

Remember, a high-quality backpack is a must-have when you’re going for treks and hikes. And a good bag needs to have a number of compartments. By having so many compartments, the bag will easily accommodate all your belongings into different, smaller sections. That way, it’s easier to access and manage all the stuff that you’ve stored inside. For instance, the backpack’s main compartment can have your clothes; its top compartment, however, can carry your flip-flops and umbrella. While there‘ll be one small compartment for storing your shoes and laundry. That way, you’ll find it simpler and faster to find what you need in your bag without rummaging inside it.

Tip #3: Having lockable zippers

Make sure that the compartments of the backpack have individual zippers that can be locked together. This way, you can rest assured that nobody will be able to break into your bag. While buying such a bag, you’ll have to keep in mind that the locks for the zippers are TSA–friendly locks. When the lock is TSA friendly, it has a special release valve. That means if someone in the security check needs to open your bag, they’ll be able to do that without breaking the lock.

Tip #4: Having padded shoulder straps

Last but not least, your backpack needs to have shoulder straps that are padded really well. That way, you’ll find it extremely comfortable to carry the backpack for longer distances. With pads in the strap, you’ll feel that the pressure put on your shoulders and lower back is very less. Nonetheless, you’ll have to make sure that the padding is thick and made of a single piece. That way, the padding in the straps won’t split or thin out anytime soon.

The bonus tip that we promised

Now, it’s time for that bonus tip explaining how you’ll buy hiking and travel backpacks online without spending an arm and a leg. To cut long story short, you’ll have to find a good online store that offers great deals on such backpacks.

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Happy shopping!

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